Your Home May Be a Hazard To Your Health

In today’s world many individuals are making great strides in living a healthier lifestyle. We are taking precautions and making preventative yearly visit to our doctors, eating healthy and exercising more.

In fact, there are more people each day that are getting out of their chairs and away from the front of the TV and heading to the gym. A friend of mine works at a local fitness center and their membership has grown by more than 200% in the past year. With all the new members they had to expand their gym and add additional staff. In addition to the personal trainers, they had to hire a nutrition consultant to handle the questions and interests about training supplements, vitamins and other nutritional concerns of their members.

It great to see the renewed interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by so many people however, most people don’t realize that even though they’re receiving a great benefit from exercise and proper nutrition, their home may be robbing them of their health.

The majority of individuals consider our homes as our fortress, secure destinations to go in order to escape the assault of modern day life. Typically this is true. However, we have an invisible danger hiding in the apparently serene and protective boundaries of our homes, and it’s something we need to sit up and recognize. That invisible threat may be the poor quality of indoor air in our homes.

The process of breathing is so normal we don’t even notice we’re doing it, but think about the air that people ingest whenever we inhale? When was the last time you stopped to consider the standard of the air you’re taking into your lungs, and transferring into the cells within your body?

If you were sitting on some polluted spot on a busy town sidewalk, you may have stopped to wonder about what types of grime and dust was entering into your body. However, for the majority of us, particularly when we’re inside our own homes, the quality of the air we’re breathing isn’t a huge concern or not a concern at all.

The truth is the quality of air inside your home (even in apparently clean homes) can in fact be far worse than that of the largest, most industrialized, and dirtiest metropolitan centers! To put it plainly, the air in your house could be even worse for your health than the air you breathe strolling around New York City or San Francisco.

What causes this potentially dangerous indoor pollution? To begin with, the indoor use of chemicals like cleaning fluids, cigarettes or cigars, stains and paints, coal, furniture polish, asbestos, room heaters, and many others, can produce a build-up of dangerous particles. The level of severity usually depends upon whether or not there’s sufficient ventilation and how much outside air can get into the home, and vice versa. A house with inadequate ventilation will create a substantially worse health risk to its occupants as compared to a home with plenty of open windows and exceptional ventilation. That’s not saying that homes with great ventilation can’t be polluted, in reality, they certainly could be.

Since many of us spend the majority of our days inside, rather than outside, the build-up of chemicals along with other airborne pollutants can create serious health threats, resulting in numerous health conditions over time. This is specifically true when the occupants of a house happen to be older, chronically ill, or quite young, or if they currently have specific forms of respiratory disease.

The specific physical reaction depends upon the sort of contaminant. Biological pollutants may trigger allergies, while tobacco smoke along with other contaminants can result in asthma attacks or produce asthmatic problems. Mold or mildew could cause more serious health issues, and the existence of contaminants such as carbon monoxide may even bring about death if the appropriate alert system (a carbon monoxide detector) isn’t set up and completely functioning.

Fortunately, that you don’t need to live with dangerous air. Just realizing the likelihood of interior air pollution is the first step in building an environment that is free from dangerous airborne particles. With the many air purifiers or electronic home air cleaners available today, many homes can achieve cleaner air and a healthy lifestyle.

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